The Pursuit Of Perfection…

If you love making things join Elluse, the new community for arts and crafts lovers.

CLOSE-KNIT: very united, compact.

When I first moved to London, it took me a while to meet people who, like me, are interested in traditional crafts.

However, I only needed to meet a few fellow craft lovers for a whole network of folk with the same passion to open up to me.

That's when I hit upon the idea ... Why not create a website where aficionados from every corner of the world and from every walk of life could come together and find inspiration, share ideas and chat, thereby forming a truly global community united by this passion?

After all, in our screen-obsessed digital age, many people are looking at traditional crafts as a way to get back to the business of making real things and to reconnect with their own cultures!

I live in Notting Hill, London with my husband Richard and young daughter Anastasia. Richard has helped me develop my crafts community and Anastasia is a constant creative inspiration; like most kids, and like me, she loves drawing, painting and making things!!

I have been using my personal Facebook account to create our community and now I am launching our website and extending our social media platforms to give more craft lovers more opportunities to share ideas and their work.


Our key word is reciprocity:- giving and receiving, and we do this through our picture and video galleries as well as our forum, enabling you to engage with other members and spread awareness of your skills, skills passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, wisdom shared from Argentina to Azerbaijan, from Ukraine to Uruguay.