• Origin of craft: United States

    Wheat Weaving Tutorial St: Brigid’s Cross

    by elluse

    By: The Woodland Elf

    St. Brigid’s cross is a traditional wheat weaving design that is very easy to do. Each straw is bent only once, giving simplicity to the weaving, so it’s a good one for beginners. This tutorial was requested by Kornbreadfed Kirkpatrick. I used 32 straws in mine, so each leg had 8 straws, but you can do more or less. I’ve seen versions of this cross with as few as 4 straws in each leg or as many as 11 straws in each leg, so it’s really up to your personal preference how many straws you put in each leg.
    Fun bit of trivia: according to the legend, hanging a St. Brigid’s cross above or near the door will protect the house from fire, sickness, and evil spirits.