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    The National Museum of History of Azerbaijan
    The National Museum of History of Azerbaijan by elluse

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    The National Museum of History of Azerbaijan

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    The museum expositions and exhibitions reflecting all period of Azerbaijan history. In the library of the museum are more than 80. 000 books, as well as rare journals and newspapers printed in the early of 19th -20th centuries.The museum building is one of the beautiful architectural monuments of Baku. It was built on the basis of chief architect Josef Goslavsky’s project. The mansion was the residence of famous entrepreneur and philanthropist of Hadji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev and since 1920 the building began its activity as a museum.

    The museum has more than 2000 exhibits and includes the following departments:[4]

    Modern history department, Ethnography department, Department of ancient and medieval history of Azerbaijan, Scientific excursion department, Laboratory for restoration of museum exhibits
    Fund of Numismatics: Including the collection of Yevgeni Pakhomov, Art design group, Library
    Source: Wikipedia