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    The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan
    The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan by elluse

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    The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan

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    The initial collection of the museum consisted of a hundred works of art from prince Nikolay Romanov and other individuals private collections, nationalized in April 1918. Those were mostly paintings and drawings by Russian and Western European masters, sculptures, furniture and porcelain. Immediately after establishing the museum, its collection was enlarged with works from the collection of the Turkestan local history museum. In 1920–1924 the museum received 116 works of Russian art from the 18th to 20th centuries, among them portraits by Vladimir Borovikovsky, Tropinin, Karl Bryullov, Yaroshenko, Repin and many others. The museum also purchased about 250 paintings of pre-revolutionary artists who were active in Central Asia: Igor Kazakov, Nikolay Karazin, Sommer. From the second half of the 1930s, the museum’s collection was expanded mostly with works by Uzbekistan artists, including works of Usto Mumin, Pavel Benkov, Leo Bure.[6]

    In addition to its permanent collection, the museum holds exhibitions of Uzbek and international artists.

    Museum Collections are divided into four departments: National applied art of Uzbekistan, Fine arts of Uzbekistan, Russian and Western art, Far East art.